Wednesday, June 25, 2008

This time tomorrow...

This time tomorrow night Shelby, Emma, and I will be in Puerto Rico with my Mom, Dad, brother and sister-in-law. We are flying tomorrow morning for a 7 day stay with my brother who moved there about 4 months ago. I am so excited to see them both and spend some time touring. I cannot wait to take the girls to the beach to see the beautiful water. Believe me, I plan to take lots of pics. I really wanted to post pics of our most recent events, but ran out of time. So I will get back to scrapping and posting when we return. But to update you on the latest and greatest, Shelby rode a mechanical bull when we went to the rodeo Saturday night. She also got her ears pierced yesterday. I have videos of both and hope to load them. Emma has been fitting into the three year old image well lately, fussing and whining and more fussing. The word MINE has surfaced more than ever. I am just trying to love her and discipline at the same time. She, of course, had to show off her earrings when Shelby got hers done. So, obviously, she remains to be the girly girl we all love. We are all packed and hope to get a good night's sleep before that alarm goes off at 5:30am!

digital layouts

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Visiting Friends in Hilliard, FL

One of my dearest and most missed friends from Florida is Marty. I went to college with her as part of a cohort group. So, needless to say, we were in the same classes at UNF and became very close friends. When I went to say good-bye to her before moving to Atlanta, she was pregnant with Mason(the little boy with Emma). We cried and hugged and cried some more as I drove off. I try to visit with her when in Jacksonville, but find it difficult with conflicting schedules. So this visit was very special to me. We had grabbed lunch here and there. But our kids had not played together since Shelby was much younger. She has no recollection of meeting baby Mason b/c she was just 15 months older. So to have seen them taking off and trying to pop wheelies on bikes, climb the treehouse ladder, and come in dirty and sweaty was a treat. They had a ball. Shelby requested several times to call Marty to see if Mason could play again. I guess that'll be one of those special memories for her now that she is old enough to rememebr times like these. Marty also has Caroline, who she was pregnant with in my wedding, & Grant, who is unbelievably 9. They are all so special to me and I miss seeing her. By the way, yes that is Emma with a baby deer. You probably cannot read the story on the layout, so here's a short version. Marty's family found this baby deer caught in a fence. They are taking care of it by feeding it bottles at night and letting it roam free during the day. When it gets mature enough, they will let him go. He just happened to walk up while we were playing outside. So Shelby & Emma had a special encounter with one of God's sweetest creations. Of course, once full grown, they would never be able to interact so sweetly. This was an unforgettable experience. (Shelby's layout coming soon.)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Coming Home

This is my official last posting before hitting the road to head back home. I had a great time scrapbooking in Jax and love to share my layouts. I "scrap-lifted" the Rock Climbing layout idea from my friend but was able to do it without using the template. I love how it turned out. This morning I completed the Easter Basket layout and love how the colors came together with the girls' pajamas. I am getting much faster but still find the process more enjoyable than I had originally thought. It is different from traditional scrapping. But both have their perks!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Emma Language

I love to journal after scrapbooking a page. Tonight I sat and thought about Emma's haircut she got in April. After creating her layout, I started to type. I want to capture those special moments in my girls' books that you tend to forget as time goes by. So I typed our typical conversation about haircuts. Emma seems to talk about things by stating the obvious and them forming it into a question, kinda like this: Mommy: Emma, did you get a haircut? Emma: Carecut Mommy. Mommy: I like your haircut. Emma: Carecut Mommy? Mommy: No, just Emma haircut. I love that as I type I can hear her little voice in my head. I know over time I will forget how that voice sounds as it changes, Shelby's has. And she will eventually talk with a more mature vocabulary. But for now, I will enjoy her statements turning into questions for as long as I can.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

We have been in Jax, FL for about 9 days now. It has been a walk down memory lane for me. I have been able to visit some old friends and make new memories with my girls at the same time. I went to my friend Annette's house last week. I had not seen her in a very long time. She had last seen Shelby when she was a baby and had never seen Emma. We then went to Janice's house to play and swim. Normally we see her and her kids each visit. But with holidays, vacations overlapping and work, we have missed them for about a year. So it was nice to visit and play like old times. Shelby caught a tree frog there and Janice so graciously told us where to buy a "house". Pics coming soon of Freddy the Frog. Marty is my girlfriend from college, who I eat lunch with in Callahan every other visit or so. We met her and her husband, Neal, for lunch again but this time drove out to Hilliard to see their new house. We stayed and played until that evening. If she e-mails me the pics, I will be able to share with you Emma & Shelby's first close up encounter with a baby deer, Bambi as they named her. Bam-Bam as Emma said. As always, I have spent time with Mary Kay. We have shopped, gone to the beach, and went in her pool. I also got my haircut by Hope, my favorite hair dresser!!! I love it! Shane may be going to Detroit again Tues so we may stay another week. That's the great thing about summer and staying at home with your kids, no worries, just fun!

More Digital Scrapping

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Bad Case of Scrapbookingitis!

So after almost 15 years of going about scrapbooking in the traditional way of paper, adhesive, and embellishments, I have broadened my abilities. I have been given a very contagious bug of digital scrapbooking by my two friends, Deb and Shay. Deb introduced herself to the world of digi scrapping on her own and has become a master digi-scrapper in just a few months. Shay scrapped traditionally and made the transition a while back, which encouraged me. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first. My first attempts were not fun and even bordered on the frustrating. But, now I am actually enjoying this. Since I still have an enormous amount of supplies at home, I can revisit the "traditional" way anytime. This has been a challenge; but if you know me I love a great challenge. I have much more to learn, but am so excited to dive deeper. Hopefully I have uploaded my images correctly so you can share in my fun!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We did it!

Does anyone have a cure for Farmer's Tan? That's exactly what many of us suffered from after spending hours in the sun during the Fundraiser Garage Sale. Thursday we delivered most of the items to the site and Friday we set up the areas. I honestly looked at all of the stuff and felt so overwhelmed at various times during the day. It was a lot to sort through with little help. Thank you Leigh Ann, Emma & Noah's MMO teacher, for working so many hours to sort and sell. Thank you to Jen's Aunt Liz for sorting & sweating for hours. At one point it was Jen and myself until Sarah came to help. Thank you Sarah! So you can see the old saying of many hands make light work did not hold much water for us. We needed many hands but were extremely thankful for the few we had. Saturday was a different story! We had volunteers who put in so many hours. You never know who may be touched to help at an event like this. Thank you to Ramone(Atl Bread Co) and Tim for working the entire day. They also put together Kraft baskets(full of food products from Kraft) for the raffle. Judy, a parent from our soccer team, worked all day as well. She did not even know the Nails family but chose to take the day to support the sale. Thank you Judy! Many of our friends from 4Points Church came out to help. It's unbelievable that I have only known these people for a couple of months, but yet they supported this event more than anybody else. I love you guys! Denise(Chili's) showed up to help as well and had only met me one time. She had never met Jennifer and Jason until Saturday but gave of her day to help. Thank you! She is having heart surgery today so please pray for her. What a blessing to meet people like our new friends who helped with the sale. Instead of looking at his event and shrugging my shoulders to those who may have not helped, I choose to glorify God and say thank you to those who came out and put in the hours to make this work. I know I made some new friends through this and possibly have opened doors for some to come to 4Points Church. That would be an amazing thing. My good and faithful friend Carol came to help. My thankfulness for her comes from her watching my 2 children during this event. We worked so late Thursday so she helped with baths and pjs. Friday night they just spent the night with her. Sat. morning they stayed with her mom. Thank you Carol for being such a loyal friend! Trish came out and helped a lot as well. I truly appreciate her help. After all of the sweat and hours of work we pulled in $3,150.00! That is enough to pay for Mia's shell for her eye. Wow! To stand back and see the people, shoppers, and bags of items going home to new owners all for a wonderful cause made me cry at one point Saturday. It all came together. Thank you to everyone involved for jumping on board!

Fundraiser Garage Sale