Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shelby turns 11!

For Shelby's birthday this year, we decided to do a small dinner with family. She chose to have cash to save toward a Kindle Fire and requested crab legs with keylime pie. Now, in order to fully understand our birthdays in the Powers' house, you need to know about my tradition. Our celebrations begin about a week ahead of time and last until a good week after. If we go out to eat, we always get the birthday dessert. We pretty much celebrate eachother as much as possible. So Shelby also has a sleepover with two friends, dinner out with dessert, and cupcakes at Nana'a with her Aunt Nilsa. She has yet to have her 1 on 1 time with Mom and Dad for turning 11. Shane is going to take her out and we plan to get our nails done. It is a life well worth celebrating!

Friday, August 19, 2011

New School, New Year!

The girls started the school year at Kennesaw Charter and we have high hopes that it will be a great year! Shelby starts fifth grade and Emma is a first grader. I always love to support the teachers my kids have, so Friday the girls took in goodies. Emma gave her teacher a candy bouquet and Shelby treated her 3 teachers to Chinese take out boxes filled with candy bars.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Compton Elementary Murals

Beginning Thursday and lasting until Sunday, I was busy drawing and painting at an area elementary school for our annual Community Makeover our church organizes. We had over 100 churches participate this year and Compton Elem was on the list for murals just like last year. I met with the principal, Liz Murphy, who is now truly a friend of mine. We sat down and organized our ideas and I got to work creating the quotes and designing how each mural would look. Just like last year, we searched through books the kids have read or are familiar with to get ideas. Friday I had two fabulous sisters show up to help who helped me last year. I also had new friends come which allowed us to get most of the painting done. I really was so busy touching up lettering and finishing some of what was started that I did not get a chance to actually paint until after lunch. I worked on the very last mural with the mouse and the favorite. Most of the time when I paint, I don't get a chance to do a lot of creating and shading. Most of the time I paint exactly what people want and it is more of a job. But when I was able to sit and work on the stone wall and then the mouse, I really got lost in it all. Saturday people came to help who had never really painted on walls so I can say with a giant sigh of relief, they got the large quote done in the cafeteria and it looks great. Sunday we finished all we had started but one. I am hoping to get over there in the fall and attempt that one. It is a big one and a bit complicated so it will be a challenge. I can truly say today I am wiped out, but I know the kids and staff will have brighter days because of the hard work my crew put in painting beautiful and lasting murals.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emma's 6th Birthday

After teaching for years, you would have thought I would not be so wiped out after a group of kids flooded my house with giggles and screams. But I am ready for a good nap. The morning began with stations where we graphed gummy bears, made binoculars and teddy bear puppets, and ate smores. It was much like the way I would have planned a center day in my classroom. Having all of the supplies on hand since I did a "Camp Learned A Lot" unit at the end of the school year is one little perk from teaching. We ate hot dogs, cupcakes, and did our best to crack open a pinata. Thanks to Shelby, Steven, and Cayden, it busted open and the girls had to use their bug tweezers to get what they wanted to fill their bug catchers. After that we took a seat by the "campfire" and opened gifts. Emma was thrilled with all of her friends and the gifts they brought. The big hit was the Barbie iphone. Whatever happened to the rotary phone I used to play with? The girls finished up by playing in the tent that is sitting in my living room right now. Nana and Gaga were able for the first time to attend a birthday party here in Acworth together. They may have not enjoyed the centers, but just knowing they were here was heartwarming. Another year has passed, another bunch of planning and preparation has come and gone. Now on to the next adventure!