Monday, April 27, 2009

Emma the Princess Ballerina

You know when some kids get so attached to one item of clothing that you cannot seem to pry it off their little bodies to even wash it? Well, Emma's favorite thing to wear every day is her pink tutu. She goes into her room after nap time and puts it on as often as possible. I did have to finally wash it several times to get chocolate ice cream off of the tummy and she checked each day to see if it was dry. I decided it was time to capture this little girl's excitement to share. She dances around and smiles so big. She is in love with being a ballerina. Excuse me, a Princess Ballerina that is!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


After we attended our wonderful church service on Easter Sunday, we took the girls to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. This was my second time eating there and the girls' first. Shane had received an amazing giftcard from one of his bosses so we thought we would use it to eat as a family on Easter. We had a nice meal and the girls loved the fancy dessert. We then walked around Centennial Olympic Park for a while. It was extremely breezy so I was cold considering I had not brought a sweater. But I was able to get some cute shots of the girls. Shelby has developed a love for posing. If you look closely you can see the hand on the hip. She looked beautiful in her dress and I think she felt it too. She smiled all afternoon. Emma is a ham most of the time and loves to have her picture taken if she is in the mood. She had a pink dress with earrings to match. She decided she did not want a hairbow, which Mommy so badly wanted to put in that pretty black hair. She is very picky about her hair already. Our girls had a lovely Easter and I enjoyed our time together.

Friday, April 17, 2009


As I was driving the other day, Emma tells me, "Mommy, Shelby is my sister. I love her." I almost cried. It just hit me so hard that she "knows". She actually understands, in her 3 year old way, what it means to love her as her sister. I thanked God right then that He has allowed Shelby and Emma to grow together as sisters. I never had the sisterly experience growing up with a brother. There is a different dynamic with a brother. He never wanted me to play with him and his friends but I would tag along anyways. I got on his nerves but I was always in his shadow b/c I thought he was so cool. I know there will be bumps along the road of sisterhood with my girls. But one day I pray that I look back and see a lifetime of bonding and love between two girls only God could have had the power to bring together. Emma loves her and she loves Emma. How awesome! Thank you Jesus! Thank you! Now that's a Mommy moment!

Monday, April 13, 2009


Shelby completed her Fun Run at school and raised 175.00 for her school's track. She began her run around the gym rather quickly and soon slowed her pace as the room became extremely stuffy and warm. They were supposed to run outside but had to take it indoors due to rain. So with the boys sitting against the walls, the parents cheering on the girls, and the girls running, it was way too warm. Even so, Shelby worked so hard and was determined to make her 35 laps. I have to say, it almost brought me to tears I was so proud of her. As I watched her trudge along, I just wanted to go out there and carry her around for her last laps. Her little face was beet red and she was so sweaty. But she did it. I did put down my camera for her last lap and grabbed her hand to run it with her. She was exhausted but very happy she ran it all(in 20 minutes). I took her out for water and walked in the cool hallways until she felt better. Bless her heart, I know it was tough. I was so proud of her!!!!
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Emma 3 Years Ago Today!

This evening as I was packing for Jax, I realized this is our Gotcha Day Anniversary. We have been so busy this weekend, the date just flew right by me. Saturday we celebrated Ella Kate's birthday party in Hartwell, GA with my very sweet friend, Shay. What makes that so much more special is the fact that 3 years ago, we visited with Ella Kate in China on the day Shane and I were scheduled to meet Emma for the first time ever. Let me explain; we were friends with Shay's family long before we all flew to China. But our trips just happened to overlap. When Shane and I entered the hotel lobby, looking for the elevator, we ran right into Shay and her family. We were exhausted but thrilled to see someone we knew. And, there was Ella Kate in her stroller. That was our first glimpse at their precious little girl they had waited so long for. We spent some time together until they had to leave for the USA and we so excitedly had to go meet Emma and keep her in our arms forever. Fast forward, 3 years later, we visited Ella and her family, celebrated her birthday, jumped on the trampoline, and hugged bye again for now. So that's why, on Emma's Anniversary, that you see another little Chinese girl in the collage of photos with Shelby and Emma. We have such a sweet connection with Ella Kate that's worth celebrating. We also are more than thrilled to celebrate 3 years of loving Emma as our daughter and witnessing Shelby growing into her role as a big sister.

Gotcha Day 3 Year Anniversary!

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