Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shelby's Map

Our Weekend

We had a busy weekend. It began with a soccer party for Shelby where she had a session with Atlanta Beat player, Angie Kerr. She received her trophy and scored 28 of the team's 47 goals for the season. Saturday we went to the Etowah Indian Mounds. Shelby has a map project due Tuesday. We recreated the Mounds and included pictures and descriptions. Mound A, where the chief lived, was 6 stories tall. We walked the steps and I never looked behind me. I really had no idea we were walking up 6 stories but I can say I felt like I could fall backwards at any point. We made it up and the view was amazing. We then walked to the Etowah River and saw the fish trap that still exists. It was amazing to think of the Indians who once walked the same ground. We finished our tour with the video segment, in which I felt like I was back in high school. Shelby and I got home and worked until 10 o'clock creating her masterpiece map. Of course, it was supposed to be on posterboard. But you know me, we just had to think outside of the box. We then practiced spelling words Sunday for Shelby's spelling bee. If she makes it this week, she will be in the school's spelling bee. What a busy weekend, only to end with 3 hours of lesson planning for me...yipee!

Friday, November 5, 2010