Monday, September 22, 2008

October 10th!

As of today, our house is officially sold! We will close on October 10th and start moving things to the house we are renting very soon. We'll be able to stay in this area so Shelby can go to the same school while we, hopefully, finish that house I had mentioned. I have been so busy packing and doing life in general that I have yet to scrapbook or even take pictures lately. I miss it. But I will return once we get settled. Update on the girls: Shelby has been getting boo-boo after boo-boo lately. It looks as if she has been beaten with a broomstick. She has bruises from new and old injuries. She fell while playing kickball on the road, which left a lot of road rash and scrapes. She came home today with clay from her waist to her toes, along with more scrapes. The Nikes I washed this weekend are now orange along with her shorts, leg and some of her shirt. Needless to say, I will be washing the shoes again and praying the stains will come out of everything. I love her so much and feel her pain when she falls. I too played hard like her and had legs that looked bruised all of the time as a child. Good thing they are so long and sexy now! LOL!Emma has been asking me to call her Princess. She gets up on her tiptoes and says, "I want to be Princess Mommy." As she walks away, she says, "Princes toes, princess toes." I don't know where that is coming from, but it's incredibly cute! I did learn the other day why she likes to spread out a napkin on the table under all of her meals. I picked her up early from school last week and saw that her teachers spread napkins out for the kids to eat thier lunches on. Ah-hah! I just thought I had a neat kid! Although Emma does not like anything on her hands or face and may go through 5 napkins in one meal. She is also trying so hard to count and say her ABCs. One of the latest statements she has come out with has been, "I got idea." Cute! They are both so loved! As most all of my friends know, Shane passed his Project Management Certification Exam. That was not only a big relief but a great accomplishement for him. I was and still am proud of his hard work! Gotta go. Hope to have pics to ost or new LOs soon.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Busy time for us...

I know I have not posted in so long. Actually, I have not been scrapping either. We have been super busy with our house among other things. As of this moment, we have a contract on our house and have passed inspection. I am praying all goes well and we close on October 10th. We have found a foreclosure that is 76% finished and walked it with a builder we know. The surrounding houses have not sold but are listed in the high 600-700K. If we can get in this house, we will get such a deal that we'll already have lots of equity established. It is exciting but also stressful. We are thinking about putting in a pool while our yard is not completed. Shelby is thrilled about that. I am too personally. I had a pool when we lived in Fort Lauderdale, FL as a child. It was so much fun. I especially liked swimming at night. Speaking of night, Shane went by the house the other evening and saw two deer in the yard. It sits on 3/4 of an acre and has a flat driveway!! The road it is on is pretty flat too, which thrills this Florida girl. I just love to ride bikes and now I can with my girls and hubby again. I used to take Shelby on rides in Jax when she was a bitty baby. Now I can ride Emma while Shelby cruises along side of us. I know I seem to be getting ahead of myself, but I really feel like this is the place for us. Shelby will be able to go to school with her best friend, Laura Kate. So that is another plus! Selling a house and moving into a rental will make two moves for us, but it seems to be well worth it. I am so excited and pray things work for us. On another note, I have been taking a Bible study, actually two. Just having gotten over a stomach virus has put me behind on my homework. But it is still a treasure to be spending time in the Bible. I have already learned so many things I did not know before. One is a Beth Moore study I go to on Wed nights while the girls go to Children's Church. The other is Wed morning where I attend with other women. I love having the time to actually have adult conversation that is healthy and inspiring. Shane has been attending classes to get his Project Management Certification. He took his last of the four this past Saturday and plans to take his test Thursday. It is an extremely difficult test, maybe the equivalent to an attorney taking the bar. I am praying he passes. It will certainly better his career since not many people have this certification. Shelby and Emma are doing well. I just love them and hope to find time to scrapbook some of their beautiful pictures soon. Once we get going on the house, I will post some pics.