Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2010

I always loved looking back at my Easter pictures when I was a little girl with my dress, gloves, purse and Easter bonnet. It was always an important day to dress up and then take some pictures to remember those moments when I was not digging in the dirt. So today, after church, we stopped by a lake to take a few pictures of the girls. I had already taken a few of Emma before we left this morning, thank goodness. Just as I took one picture of Emma, who was not cooperating, with Shelby, Emma blasted out a heap of throw up right down her dress and on the ground by her shoes. So the one picture i got will always have a story just like all the years before. This story just did not have a happy ending. I just wanted to share how beautiful both my girls were today even if it ended in driving home topless with a smelly dress in the back.