Friday, January 30, 2009

Is she Chinese?

It seems everytime I go someplace, someone will ask if Emma is Chinese. I am not the kind of person who has adopted from China only to have bitterness about people's curiosity. It does not bother me. I actually am proud of who she is, where she came from and why she is now my daughter. I never hesitate for a moment to say she is a gift from God b/c God had his hand completely in the mix when He gave us Emma. She could not be a better fit. But, she is so much more than what the eye can see. So for my daughter, I have taken pen in hand to complete a listing of what I would say to the next person who asks if she is Chinese. Of course, not being some whacked out crazy person, I would not ramble on like I did in my journal. It was just one of those inspirational creative flowing moments that happened to address an almost daily subject matter. Here's what I wrote: When we go places together, people sometimes ask, “Is she Chinese?” I answer, “Yes.” But what I need to say is , She’s also very artistic and loves to draw and color for hours on end. I happen to be an artist myself, so go figure. Her nose runs due to allergies from fall to spring much like mine. She talks non-stop always asking what I’m doing, where Shelby is, or if her Daddy is at work. She’s affectionate, always wanting a kiss-hug and telling me she loves me. I wuff you Mommy, words that melt my heart. She is not quite sure she likes characters and will shrink behind my legs when she’s scared. She loves TV, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Princess Barbie movies, and Cinderella and will drift off into her own little world when watching it. She doesn’t really like to eat meals but loves snacks. She loves hot tea and will play pretend in her kitchen just to serve me some. When you do something she likes or give her a compliment, she replies with a very articulate, yes. Though there have been times when she becomes bashful and does not like any attention drawn to herself. Barbie has become her favorite toy and she loves to carry purses, dolls, books or anything she fancies when we go bye-bye. She loves to wear Mommy's scarf and walk around the house in my shoes. She is a fashion clothes princess and says thank you with a hug anytime I buy her something new. Her favorite shoes are her black patten leather tap-tap shoes, as she has named them herself. So, yes, she’s Chinese. But she’s also so much more than what your eye can see. She’s my daughter who may not resemble me, but oddly enough, is so much like me!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chinese Character Paintings

Tomorrow I will be attending a Chinese New Year Celebration. I plan to take my canvas paintings and set up as a vendor as well as oversee the craft area. After working as a volunteer to organize the crafts for the past few weeks, I hope this all pays off. I have shared my original canvases on my blog before but wanted to show you something special I created today. I am hoping I get a lot of interest in the Chinese Character paintings. We'll see! It just amazes me the talent God has blessed my fingers with. Each time I paint I am shocked at what I actually can produce. As I paint more, I gain more confidence in my ability and realize it is such a blessing to be able to pick up a brush and whip out something like these.

Shelby turns 8!

We celebrated Shelby turning 8 three times this year. Nothing wrong with that! She had a family party in Jacksonville, dinner here with us where the servers sang out a loud rendition of the familiar tune, and a small party with some close friends. I ventured out and took the group of 8 to see Hotel for Dogs after cake, ice cream and pizza. We returned home after seeing a great movie to open gifts. Just check out that guitar cake! I am very proud to say I created that fabulous and extremely delicious guitar for my dear daughter who so badly wanted a guitar cake. It was one of those mom moments when you think to yourself, when you are elbow deep in icing, what was I thinking???? But it turned out to be a show stopper and Shelby loved it. She had an amazing birthday this year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

We got it! Here's our new house!

I cannot begin to describe how relieved, excited, and thrilled I am to know the bank accepted our offer for this house. After years of looking for the "right one" with a flat driveway, flat backyard on a cul-de-sac, we did it! We will hopefully close by the end of February. It will be awesome to finally unpack all of the boxes that have been packed every since we had our old house on the market almost 2 years ago. I have felt so unsettled and now that will all change. What a blessing! Thank you Jesus! We will still be close enough to friends in our current area but far enough to experience new shopping and new restaurants. Shelby will finish her year at her school since she loves her teacher and classmates. She will go to her new school next year for 3rd grade. Emma's school is still pretty close to the new house. I hope you can feel the enthusiasm oozing out of the screen. I am escatic! So if you ever want to come over in the next few weeks to help pack, once again, please feel free to call! Since we just moved into this house at the end of October, I will certainly be open to anyone to help us move this time. Oh Happy day!

Monday, January 5, 2009

We ended 2008 in Jax with family and friends and came home a few days ago. Unfortunately, we returned to Atlanta without Jingles, the hamster. Shelby found her dead last Monday morning in her cage. We took her to Petco. They looked her over and concluded she died from wet tail, which is due to the stress of changing environments. I have since learned that Teddy Bear hamsters are more prone to getting wet tail. Shelby cried some and quickly move on to wanting a guinea pig. After learning about their pet dander and high level of respiratory illnesses from a lack of vitamin C, we decided to move forward without a pet for now. On a brighter note, we have possibly found a house that we love. We made an offer on it and are waiting to hear from the bank. It is located in The Aviary off of Mars Hill Rd and is on almost 2 acres. It has a flat driveway on a flat cul-de-sac, which is rare in Georgia. The backyard is flat and private. It is a ranch plan so the girls will be on the first level with us. That also means no dragging the laundry basket up and down the stairs. Yahoo! If the deal goes through, we will move once again in Feb. I am looking forward to finally unpacking all of the boxes that I packed when we originally put our house on the market almost 2 years ago. It'll be like Christmas all over again just finding things we have not seen in a while. Shane has started his traveling again, Wisconsin, and Shelby resumes basketball this week. Emma has missed school and cannot wait to return. Tomorrow the alarm clock will sound very early and it all starts again. I plan to work on our family resolutions this week. One of my biggest goals for 2009 is to publish my book. Hopefully one day I will post about that. For now, I hope your holidays were filled with fun and look forward to 2009!