Saturday, May 2, 2009

It is over! After preparing for days, we had the garage sale. We actually made a lot of money. All of the hard work was nicely rewarded. So I am really wiped out tonight. The girls have had their baths and are ready for bed. Although they are not one bit tired. I could close my eyes and be asleep instantly. But, instead, I decided to check my email, which made me check blogs, which made me want to post. When I looked at the most recent pictures I have, I saw my beautiful girls having so much fun on their new driveway. I want to share this moment because it represents for me how I feel about our new house. Shelby and Emma can go outside and ride up and down the driveway onto the cul-de-sac all afternoon without me worrying one of them may loose control going down our old driveway. Shelby can play basketball without the ball rolling down the hill into the ditch across the busy road. We do not have much traffic at all, just a curious passer-by once in a while. I love that they can actually play outside safely and happily.They are enjoying that the most. We have met friends to play with not to mention our new neighbor across the way who loves my girls, Cathy. When I think about all of the things I love about living here, I think about so much. God has blessed us and I am so thankful. We are settled in and unpacked. I have made it past the garage sale and am happy to say I have no more "big" projects on my calendar. Now I can focus on putting the icing on the cake so to speak in our new home and finally getting into a set routine again. Hope you enjoy our girls playing. I sure do!