Friday, May 16, 2008

Lots of Pics Coming Your Way!

Okay, so it has been a while since I posted. Because of my lack of posting, I have accumulated many pictures to share. So you may have to scroll up or down to catch a glimpse of what we have been doing lately. Like everyone, we are extremely busy at this time of year with school ending, parties, Mother's Day, the Garage Sale I am planning for the Nails family, Shelby's soccer games and end of season party, etc. Shelby will finish 1st grade next Friday. I cannot believe how grown up she looks in some of these photos. She had a great year with Mrs. Johnson. She learned to read on a higher level and gained so much knowledge in other areas. Most importantly, her teacher loved her. She knew it and so did I. That made a huge difference with her progress. I pray for her teacher next year to have that kind of rapport with Shelby. Emma finished Mother's Morning Out Thursday. Her teachers loved her so much. Emma may not know the year is over, but I am sure she will miss them once she realizes she is not going back. Mother's Day was a great day for us. We went to church, ate lunch together, and then went to Debi's for dinner. I enjoyed being with my kids, husband and friends on that day. The Garage Sale is coming along. I have gotten lots of donations of items to sell, things for the raffle, and feedback for volunteers. I hope you join me in praying for the Nails family, for the upcoming surgeries (Jason-June, Mia-August, Noah-TBA) I am praying for May 31st! If you have no idea what I am talking about, I will e-mail you the info. Shelby ended her soccer season Tuesday night with a winning game. She scored a goal and got so excited. She is undecided if she wants to play soccer again. She is such a great player. But she seems to be interested in softball. We'll see. Overall, we have been busy. Although hectic at times, it's been fun!

Brooke and Emma

Soccer Season is Over!

Cagle's Dairy Field Trip

First Grade Program

Friday, May 2, 2008

MacKenzie Day

Today marks the tenth anniversary of my best friend's litle girl MacKenzie Rose's death. I have posted before about my relationship with Mary Kay. I cannot express how much I wish I were there to be with her during this time. But since I am not, I sent her 2 dozen roses (hope they made it okay) and made her a special card. After talking to her this morning, she and I had a moment together we did not even realize. She was sharing how her aunt was visiting and bought her a windchime with a rainbow on the top of it as well as a glass butterfly to stick in the ground by Kenzie's gravesite. I was stunned. So I had to let the cat out of the bag so to speak. I told her I had typed her a poem for Kenzie's Day and it referred to a rainbow, a butterfly, and a chime. She then told me she also wrote a poem about Kenzie. Writing is not her favorite subject so it had to be divine intervention. We calculated that we typed our poems on the very same day. You have to know that I had attempted to write her a poem for 2 hours previously and could not get it right. Now, I love writing so that was difficult for me. I also knew I had to get something done or I would not get it mailed in time for today. So on April 29th, I was trying to go to sleep and the words began to dance through my head. I knew I had to go type or it would be lost. Mary Kay also had her poem come to her in bed. Isn't that neat! She has such a great memory, she waited till the morning of the 29th to get up and type. Anyway, it took me just 20 minutes to type exactly what I was wanting. I do not have a picture of Kenzie to post(10 years ago we did not download photos)but I do have her poem. I really feel I was God's messenger for Mary Kay. The poem is what I think Kenzie would say to her if she saw her today. When you read it, you'll probably cry. I did. But what a wonderful feeling when you feel like God has placed something special on your heart and you share it with others.
I asked God to send you a rainbow one day
When it was tears I saw you had shed.

I asked for a butterfly to pass your way
When it’s the memories of today that you dread.

I requested he send a friend to hug you
When it’s your heart that’s breaking apart.

I saw that he did that just as I asked
Then I thought, “That’s a good start”.

I watched as you sobbed and cried for my love
That was taken away far too soon.

I noticed the days when you would wake and cry
When at times it lasted till noon.

I questioned how long it takes a mommy to heal
After losing a child so dear.

I listened as God kneeled and said to me
The pain could last for years.

I asked if you would ever be the same
He answered with a nod of his head.

I knew right away that the pain would ease
As would the tears that you shed.

I want you to know that it’s okay with me
If you cry less and less over time.

I know that your love will always be there
Like the breeze that moves through a chime.

I capture your love every time that you smile
It’s like a warm embrace.

I hold it so tight and won’t let it go
Until one day we meet face to face.

I love you Mary Kay and Kenzie does too!