Friday, February 22, 2008

When it Rains . . .

Well, what can I say, this has been a day! You know, when I look at so many blogs as I sit at the computer exhausted from my day, I tend to think everyone else has it all together. Which I know, for the most part, it is not true. But to see the happenings, vacations, family time, etc. and then to sit and type about my reality is a bit different. My life lately has not been a bed of roses. IT has been vertigo, sinus trouble, ear infections, runny noses, hubby traveling, and hospital visits to my 80 year old Aunt Mable's side(betcha I left something out). This particular day started with rearranging my schedule a few billion times to try to "fit it all in". Who was I kidding? To think I could complete a list like I had while feeling like my sinuses could explode and carting around a sick baby. I eliminated picking Shane up from the airport due to snow delays in Detroit. I skipped the chiro for my back among many other errands since I had to schedule in taking Emma to the doctor for a draining ear, possibly a ruptured ear drum, at 3:30. I met my great friend, Carol, so I could hand off Emma to drive like a bat of out a cave to see my Aunt Mable in the hospital. I got there just with enough time to rub lotion on her dry cracking hands, put vaseline on her dry lips, and tell her some stories about what has been going on lately with my girls. She was frustrated, not being able to talk from the stroke. But she did respond by smiling and saying I love you when I had to leave. She pulled my face down to kiss me goodbye and I left content that she would be okay for one more night. She is just on a day to day watch with her swelling from fluids and the OT/PT for the stroke. As I raced to my car and waited for the valet chomping on the bit, I realized I better book it to get Emma to her appointment at 3:30. We made it. I was relieved to know her condition was treatable, yes a ruptured eardrum with a double ear infection. No signs of pain, who would have known other than the fluid draining. So off to fill the prescriptions. Did I mention that I shipped Shelby off to a friend's house after school to play, someone's house I had never been to but needed the help from. She had fun, but I just could not read the mom when I picked her up. I must have said thank you 10 times and still did not feel as if I had said thank you enough. Maybe she was as tired as I was. Who knows? Sidebar: It just amazes me nowadays how you have to "schedule" time for your kids to "play" with other kids. Whatever happened to just knocking on the door and asking if Johnny could play? Back on track, Got home with the meds for Emma only to find one prescription was not in the bag. Got a call from hubby saying his flight was delayed yet again. Got a call about my aunt that the OT lady DROPPED her and the PT lady accidentally pulled out her feeding tube. UGH!!!!!!! After putting away some very needed groceries that I have not shopped for due to my crazy week of illnesses and busyness, I phoned my friend Carol to ask her if she wanted to go eat dinner-way too tired to cook. It was so extremely nice, pleasant, and relaxing to sit and chat with my dear friend whom I have not see hardly except for dropping Emma to race to the hospital. Then I called the house where Shelby was. NOW, I had made an attempt to call to pick her up earlier-no answer. So, yes, she was there past the "time" I had told the mom I would come. But she did not answer, so I went on with groceries, prescriptions, unloading groceries, returning to get missing prescriptions, etc. So when I called, I got the "I thought you were coming at 6pm" comment. WELL, after my day and knowing my hubby, whom I miss very much, was not due home until maybe 11pm or delayed until whenever, I wanted to break down and cry or scream. Since I did not want to scare off this mom who I do not know very well. I just politely said I would be there ASAP. I got there only to find her eating dinner with them. While that is nice, the mom pointed out that she was waiting for me to pick her up but had to go ahead and feed her kids so she fed Shelby too. I don't think we'll be going there anymore. The evening ended with me telling Shelby to say thank you to the mom for having her over as I hear a big grumbling thank you come out of my child's mouth. I had just stood there and witnessed two EXTREMELY well-mannered girls speaking to their parents and was a bit embarrassed. Why does my daughter lack the desire to want to "please" others? I was such a pleaser, probably still am too worried about it at times. But a little degree of it is a good thing. So instead of shutting my mouth when we got in the car, I had to go down that road of "why?" about her choices with other grown ups. I so would love for her to be mannerly. I model it, I teach her that, I try, try, try. I know right now you are thinking I am way too tired and just needed to drop it with her, so I did. We got home. I unloaded the car, the girls went to bed, and I sat down here to type about my day. Why, you may ask, would a totally exhausted mommy sit down to type after a day like that? Because, I had to get it out. In the midst of everything, I witness smiling bloggers, well-mannered children, and rainbows out of reach tonight. Tomorrow is another day, a day I get to go to a women's conference at church and hopefully get rejuvenated. Life is not always sunshine and roses. Reality plays a huge part. My cup today was half empty. I pray God fills it up tomorrow morning.

Sunday, February 3, 2008