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The Fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico

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My Girl

This picture of Emma has got to be one of my favorites of all summer. I feel like it captures her innocence so vividly. It's an awesome thing when you can take a camera and record a photograph that moves you. I love this little girl of mine. I love her lips that kiss me goodnight 20 times before she finally gives in to Mr. Sandman. I love these little eyes that see this world as no adult ever could. I love the nose that scrunches up when she does not like something. I love the hands that take her Mommy's face when she wants to show me love. But most of all, I love that she's all mine!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Puerto Rico

After getting settled into a new school year, I feel like I finally have time to download some pics from our travels this summer. The girls and I flew to Puerto Rico as many of you know to visit with my brother, Keith, and sister-in-law, Nilsa. We loved spending time with them since we had not seen them in a while after their move from Jacksonville. It did take some adapting to a different environment, but overall we accomplished what we went to do. We visited with two very special people in my life and my girls' as well. Even though my brother now lives a good distance away, I still want my girls to know their Uncle Keith and Aunt Nilsa as well. I don't have a great big family, so I need to remain in contact with the little bit I have. It was great to see Shelby & Emma having fun with them. Shelby met a little girl named Brianna who spoke Spanish mainly. Although they could not verbally understand each other, they played and had fun. One evening it rained and the girls played in the raindrops and puddles. I am sure it was refreshing because it was incredibly hot. It just goes to show you how much we value our air conditioning in the States. We went to the beach with Nilsa and her daughter Marie and saw some beautiful views. I took Marie and Shelby kayaking across the calm water of the bay. That was an great experience. I loved it. But since we were in the kayak which ws in the water, I could not take a picture. I will post more slide shows of other days we spent in Puerto Rico. But for now, enjoy!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

After suffering through my dental visit yesterday with 4 shots and some sensitivity medicine applied, all for a tiny cavity that the dentist said would be quick and easy to fill, I survived! I thought as I was positioned so akwardly in that chair that I could jump out within seconds to escape the pain that continued to shoot through my head when she drilled on that "tiny cavity". I actually began to cry and shake which led to me not being able to breath through my nose as I was attempting to make it through the experience. Today my cheek is very sore and it is difficult to open my mouth to eat. But I am thankful it is over. Now, I am a very good brusher/flosser so having been told I had a cavity was irritating to say the least. But, I am glad it was caught before I had to even attempt to make it through a root canal, which I have never had. Thank you Jesus! This story leads me to my daughter in a very funny way. As I sat there in pain I thought of her having to have a dosage of valume(sp?) to make it through her first filling. I suppose I am a future her, as she told me yesterday. Of course, she has no idea how her mommy cried in that chair. She was referring to our looks as she examined her face in the mirror. She then turned to me and said, Mommy you are a future me. (Great future scrapbook page!) It must be odd to look so much like another person that you can see how you may look as you get older. I am sure she will grow into her unique self, but for now I am honored that my daughter wants to be like her mommy, even if I cry in the dentist chair!

Monday, August 11, 2008

There goes my baby! Shelby went off to 2nd grade today and is due home on the bus around 2:30. We have had a quiet day. Emma wanted to veg all day and watch TV(BB). For those of you who know Emma well enough, she would do that most days if Shelby was not around to arouse her. Tomorrow I plan to have a more structured day for her. But today was a lazy day for the sweet pea. Shelby did great going into her classroom. She is growing by leaps and bounds and is so independent. I was a proud Mommy. But that little feeling of emptiness was in my tummy just like it was the first day of Kindergarten. There's just no changing that. She's my girl and will always be my baby. The pride and love I have for her is overflowing. I cannot wait to see how her day went. Enjoy the LO of Shelby's first day of 2nd grade.

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