Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, April 21, 2008

As I am posting a very different "ad" on my blog, I would like to explain the reason. Having known the Nails family for quite some time, I am very drawn to their giving nature. They are amazing parents to four wonderful children. You may know that Noah, their youngest son, and Mia, their youngest daughter, both have special needs. Knowing the amount of medical bills led me to want to help. So, I am planning a garage sale for the "Fundraiser for 'Bill' day, as in first name "Medical", last name "Bill". Anyways, I am looking for volunteers to help with advertising the sale. I also need volunteers to pick up and deliver any donations the Thursday before the sale, set up the site Friday, and work the sale Sat. Please encourage others to start "spring cleaning" by gathering items to donate for the sale. We will pick up items prior to Thursday if needed or you can store them until then and call me. Please be in prayer that God will saturate this event with volunteers, shoppers, and donations. Please also pray for Noah's future surgeries and Mia's possibility of hand surgery and a prosthetic eye like Noah's. If you know the Nails, you have been touched by them like I have. If you have never met them, you will be blessed by supporting this effort. If you are interested, please comment and I will get back to you. I pray for a slew of responses. (Click on the image of the flyer for it to get bigger so you can read it.)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our Vacation

For Spring Break this year, we traveled to Orlando, FL. We stayed at an outstanding place called Blue Heron Beach Resort. I would highly recommend it. We were minutes away from tons of restaurants for dinner and across the way from the outlets. My mom, Emma, and I went shopping the evening we checked in while Shelby went swimming with Shane. The weather was breezy and cool that evening. The next morning we went to Hollywood Studios and enjoyed some rides, meeting characters, and the beautiful weather again. It was not very crowded and the lines were not long. Once Emma saw "Gickey Mouse" we thought we would have to run and hide. She is normally afraid of characters. She actually requested a second hugging session. Shelby was more thrilled to find the "big" rides. After spending the night in bliss, we woke early to go to Epcot. Epcot is a much bigger park and had lots to see and do. The character lines were far too long so we skipped those for a chance to see more of the park. They had some newer attractions since my last visit and we did make it "around the world". Shelby again wanted to try out Test Track. So Mom, Emma, and I passed the time in "China". We then found a butterfly garden as we made our way back across the lake. Emma called out "FUFFLY" and flapped her arms. So, after looking at the flowers and butterflies, we exited the enclosed garden. Walking throught he black plastic chains intrigued Emma. For the next hour I sat and watched as she entered and exited, giggled and stared, and just had plain old fun! I snapped some great pictures that captured her excitement. That was probably my highlight of the day until Shelby came running off Test Track so thrilled to have ridden. She is growing so fast to already be into the "big" rides with her Daddy. Tomorrow I will post The Magic Kingdom. But for today, enjoy!

Epcot Butterfly Garden

Epcot Day 2

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Murals and Canvases

Coming up on Friday, April 25th from 9-12 at Bounce U on 41, I will be hosting a booth to display my canvases I have hand painted as well as drum up business for future mural paintings. I have included a few pictures from previous things I have painted below. Please feel free to share with friends and family.

Beverly Powers Designs

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Do You Remember What Today Is?

"Mommy, Mommy!" yelled Emma from her crib. As I sat at the computer this morning downloading her Slide Show, I heard that sweet little voice from her bedroom wondering where Mommy was as she woke up from her good night's sleep. I walked in and picked her up asking, "Do you remember what today is?". Of course I know she does not. But she will always be told just how important this day is to us. Just as we celebrate the day, Jan. 10th, that Shelby came into our lives, we celebrate April 5th for Emma. They placed her in our arms on this day 2 years ago in China and we have never let her go. What a blessing from God! We will always be here to answer her calls, comfort her cries, and tickle her belly. As we celebrate 2 years of holding our baby girl, watching her grow into a toddler, and loving her with every ounce of our beings, we want you to share in our memories. Below you will see her referral photo(our introduction to Xin Ci Lian) and glimpses of her first year home. This morning I pray for her orphanage nannies and the babies waiting for their chance to have a family. I am so thankful for those ladies who fed our Emma, took care of her needs the best they could, and kept her safe until April 5, 2006. I am immensely thankful and praise God for allowing us to experience such a truly rich blessing. We love you Emma Katherine Lian!

Emma's 2nd Gotcha Day Anniversary