Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emma's Bedroom

I just wanted to share Emma's bedroom since I am almost completely done decorating it. All I have left to find is a chair for her desk by the bed. I painted the tree behind her bed. I found her lamp for $11 on clearance and painted it green. The handprint and footprint (Emma's) are framed in frames I found at a garage sale. They were extremely gold so I painted them cream and rubbed them with some brown. They're one of my favorite things. On her shelf there is a book she loves to read named Emma's Story beside one of my favorite pictures of her as a toddler at the beach. I made the curtains out of silk and covered her lampshade by the bed with the leftover fabric. I made little flowers to place onto the shade. I added little touches of birds through her room and a couple of birdhouses. Above her shelf I painted her a canvas with her monogram. In her bathroom, I found some great accessories, but my favorite is the bird dish by her sink she uses for soap. Above her toilet is another project I completed. A lady was throwing out some old hydrangea pictures from the 90's so I took them home, painted them and added Emma's Chinese name to them. The top one says "beautiful" and the bottom one says, "heart". I really would love to find some Chinese fabric to make a shower curtain for her bathroom. I have been looking but have had no luck. She loves it and so do I. Hope you like it too.