Saturday, December 27, 2008

Last Post of 2008!

One of my favorite traditions around this time of year is making Pecan Balls. My grandmother made them when I was a little girl. They soon became my favorite cookie. Now I make them each year and share with everyone. Shane's dad loves to get his batch each Christmas. My Grandmother now gets excited when I give her the cookies. My parents enjoy nibbling on them for days as well. This year we have a new member of the Pecan Ball Cookie Loving Hall of Nibblers, Emma. She absolutely could not get enough. Her mouth was rimmed with powdered sugar. Her fingers were covered with little white flecks. Her toes even got a sprinkling as she ate each and every cookie that her belly could hold. I am sure one day she will take over the tradition of making our favoite cookie. But for now, I do not mind making everyone a batch for Christmas!

Only in Jax could the girls wash a car at Christmas!

Introducing Jingle Bell, the Hamster

Opening Gifts at Home and in Jax

Our Christmas was a little early this year. Santa came Monday morning so we could drive to Jax, FL Tuesday. Shane's vacation week is this week so he wanted to be able to spend some time off from work with his brother and parents. The girls did not seem to mind. We had e-mailed Santa and put in a request for Monday, but did not know for sure when he would fit us into his busy schedule. So it was a great big surprise when the girls walked downstairs to find the living room full of gifts. Shelby got a Hot Wheels Town complete with a garage and city streets. She also received a hamster cage with a coupon so she could go to the pet store to select her first pet hamster. Santa left a Wii game system for her and Emma with loads of games. Emma got a huge Princess Castle with a horse drawn carriage and PRINCESS BARBIE(all she actually wanted). She also received a Princess Karaoke machine. They had a wonderful morning playing and exploring their new gifts. Afterwards we all got dressed and visited 5 pet stores before Shelby found "the one". Pictures soon to come of that! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! We surely did!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I thought for sure I would have to wait until next year to witness Emma sitting on the lap of a man with a big red suit and a white full beard. But it actually happened. After Shelby had her turn talking to Santa, I walked Emma over and squated in front of him. I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she replied her usual, "Princess Annaleise Barbie". Then Santa asked if she would like to sit on his lap and tell him about the Princess Barbie. She blurted out a very happy, Okay!" and sat down. I was able to walk away and take a few pictures. I could not believe my eyes. We had tried a few weeks ago and she would not even look at him. I guess this was just the right time, the right place, and the right Santa. Unbelievable! Afterwards we enjoyed a very chilly ride in the carriage with a horsie named Monkey. Shelby got a kick out of that. It was a very successful Santa visit.