Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emma's 6th Birthday

After teaching for years, you would have thought I would not be so wiped out after a group of kids flooded my house with giggles and screams. But I am ready for a good nap. The morning began with stations where we graphed gummy bears, made binoculars and teddy bear puppets, and ate smores. It was much like the way I would have planned a center day in my classroom. Having all of the supplies on hand since I did a "Camp Learned A Lot" unit at the end of the school year is one little perk from teaching. We ate hot dogs, cupcakes, and did our best to crack open a pinata. Thanks to Shelby, Steven, and Cayden, it busted open and the girls had to use their bug tweezers to get what they wanted to fill their bug catchers. After that we took a seat by the "campfire" and opened gifts. Emma was thrilled with all of her friends and the gifts they brought. The big hit was the Barbie iphone. Whatever happened to the rotary phone I used to play with? The girls finished up by playing in the tent that is sitting in my living room right now. Nana and Gaga were able for the first time to attend a birthday party here in Acworth together. They may have not enjoyed the centers, but just knowing they were here was heartwarming. Another year has passed, another bunch of planning and preparation has come and gone. Now on to the next adventure!

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Sharon Ankerich said...

Looks like a very successful party!!! I'm sure Emma loved it and just SO sweet your mom and grandmother were there!!! Wish we could have made it but hope to see you all soon!!!